NRI Services | ASA Taxation & Accounting Services

NRI Services

  • Determination of Residential status under domestic law and tax treaty.
  • Certification services under FEMA and Income Tax (Form 15CA & Form 15CB)
  • Tax advisory relating to salary income, capital gain transaction
  • Preparation and filing of India tax return and mechanics of elimination of double taxation
  • Advisory relating to foreign exchange regulations applicable for NRI and expatriate
  • Advisory on compliance and procedures to be followed by NRI and expatriates seconded on an international assignment to India
  • Assistance in Income tax scrutiny and assessments/audits.
  • Advisory relating to repatriation of money from India and issue of necessary forms to AD banker
  • Investment advisory services in India.
  • Taxability of ESOP transactions
NRI is an Indian citizen migrated to foreign country. In India, tax is liable to be paid on basis of residential status and not on the nationality or domicile of the tax payer.
Due to globalization, more and more people are relocating to different countries. With rapid growth of Indian economy over several years, there has been steady influx of expatriates into India.
Some of the common challenges faced by Expatriates are getting accustomed to our diverse culture, different languages, finding an accompdation, compliance with tax and regulatory regulations.
We are leading NRI tax consultants in Mumbai and Thane having expertise in NRI Tax services and expatriate tax matters. Both NRIs and Ex patriates faces issues like tax compliance both in India and home jurisdiction, consequential reporting and withholding obligations on the Indian employer, availability of tax treaty relief against Indian tax liability etc.